Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bleach Your Works!!! Nirvana Reissue

It's 1989. Bleach has just been released. Kurt hasn't met Courtney yet. Dave Grohl hasn't hit a single tom yet in the name of Nirvana. The band tours in a shitty van with wrecked equipment and they like it that way...for now.

These were the days of limitless filth and no future potential. When Kurt Cobain spelled his name Kurdt Kobain. When the band wrote nonsense songs about a beloved sitcom star smothering people to death with his butt. A sound that's gritty and nearly live, like only six hundred and six dollars and seventeen cents can provide. A cover photo shot by Kurt's old girlfriend, Tracey. Drums choreographed by Chad Channing, who also wrote every drum part on Nevermind. An album devoid of cultural significance and is okay for hipsters to admit they're into. "I like bleach and the unplugged album...even if it waaaaas for MTV."

On it's 20 year anniversary, Sup Pop (who only exist today because of Nirvana) reissue this bohemouth with several goodies. November 3, right here.

On the menu:

+White vinyl, as was the original issue.
+Remastered by the original producer Jack Endino (although Steve Albini would've done nicely as well).
+16 page photo booklet of photos the world has never seen.
+a complete recording of a show in 1990 at Portland's Pine Street Theatre.

Thank God Sup Pop still knows how to get things done.

In honor of the live recordings, here's a couple rare live Nirvana tracks from the Bleach era:
Live in Mezzago, Italy on November 26th, 1989

Nirvana - School (Live)

Nirvana - About a Girl (Live)

Bleach: Deluxe Edition

01 Blew
02 Floyd the Barber
03 About a Girl
04 School
05 Love Buzz
06 Paper Cuts
07 Negative Creep
08 Scoff
09 Swap Meet
10 Mr. Moustache
11 Sifting
12 Big Cheese
13 Downer

Live at Pine Street Theatre:

01 Intro
02 School
03 Floyd the Barber
04 Dive
05 Love Buzz
06 Spank Thru
07 Molly's Lips
08 Sappy
09 Scoff
10 About a Girl
11 Been a Son
12 Blew


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