Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Tree Where Dead People Grow Mixtape

This was the soundtrack for my short film, "The Tree Where Dead People Grow." All of the music is from local Boston artists, mostly Jamaica Plain. The main actors in the film have contributed tracks as well. "Melatonin" by woolgathering is mine and the leading lady, Suzanna Kopec, has the amazing introspective song "Bodies." All of these songs are favorites of mine and I hand picked them to fit the stripped down "truth" theme of the film. Songs like "Everything" by Prince Rama and "Seeds" by Many Mansions are more acoustic than what those artists usually play. You can get a physical, hand-made copy of this mix here.

The other songs that appear in the film are:
"Ten Thousand Years" by Greg Mullen
"Stay Warm" and "Skinny Fists" by Christians and Lions
"Suckin' Rare Meat off the Bone China" by Girlfriends
"Mynocks in the Garden" by Spitzer Space Telescope

Stream the mix below the jump::