Monday, September 06, 2010

Showgasm :: Tree Where Dead People Grow, woolgathering, Lies Lies Lies, Brian S. Ellis, Hands and Knees!

Short Film Screening and Music Show
September 10th
Greylock House of Yoga, Allston, MA

Hullo Good Souls, I'm really excited about this show for several reasons. 1) This will be the last screening of my short film. 2) Hands and Knees, Brian S. Ellis and a never before heard Whitehaus blues collision (Lies, Lies, Lies) will be heard. 3) It's at Liz Pelly's House!!! If you can, bring some donations for the bands and for the short film, which we're trying to raise money to enter into festivals! Thanks all.  Here's the fbook event.

The Tree Where Dead People Grow (my short film) m/

woolgathering (me singing folky yarns)

“Lies, Lies, Lies” Starring Johnny Jacobs and Kate Smith (Whitehaus superduo)
A very fresh and exciting presentation of sorrowful blues and folk from Mr. Jacobs and Miss Kate Lee.

Brian S. Ellis (poetician)

Hands and Knees (Jammerific)

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