Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Tree Where Dead People Grow :: Film and Music Extravaganza 07.09

I wanted to make this mix and hand it out at the show as the "soundtrack to the film," but alas it was one of those good ideas that I never had time to transmute into a good thing to do. So, here's a playlist. Some of the songs are in the film, some of them I listened to while I was writing it, some of them are just thematically good matches. 'Melatonin' is me (as woolgathering) and its a pretty crappily recorded demo...for now. Suzanna Kopec is the actress in the film and is also an extremely talented musician. Her's is 'Bodies' and its awesome. Everyone else is a local Japlainanite or Bostartian.

I first got into local music with a group of literature merrymakers called "Operation Hemingway." That's how we started going to acoustic night at T.T. The Bear's Place every Monday for "A Softer Side of T.T.'s" or some nonsense like that. And it's how I first saw Spitzer Space Telescope, many moons ago, which made me think that Boston might just have something going on.

That and the first time I saw MANNERS opening for Mount Eerie. Greg was peddling those little cardboard CDs and something called a 'Preyer Book,' which contained illustrations of nightmarish transformations (which is still hanging on my wall). Phil had mentioned that he needed a place to crash, so I offered my couch and he said that he'd be staying at a magical place I had never heard of, called: the Whitehaus.

So, I'm honored to play alongside both of these folks.

This is also a big night, because it signals the long awaited death of my short film. I spent a year writing it, a year failing to make it a first time, and then another to actually finish it. It feels like forever and I don't think I would've made it without a stress absorbing racket ball and hugs from my cuddly PA's, producer, actress and, yeah, cinematographer. But, lo! It's finally dead. I want to send it out into the ocean on a barge and shoot a flaming arrow into it.

Come out tomorrow and help me.

07.09 :: the Whitehaus

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