Saturday, June 19, 2010

"The Tree Where Dead People Grow" short film screening and music extravaganza July 9th

Build a toy guitar. Get lost in a forest of birch trees. Wear a bed sheet around your neck as a cape. Carry the girl across the river. Wrap yourself in blankets of hot snow. Eat dictionaries. Say what you actually mean. Force it out of your soul like a rocket. Esoterrorists, catharsissies and metaphornication. Hear the words that are not deeds, that are the gaps in people’s lacks. Destroy something to give it meaning. Taste your own tongue. Read the GLOAMING on everyone’s faces. Transcend your Humanity. Eat of the Mango Nebula. Become a ball of light. Accept the YES WAVE. Meet new friends. Meditate in the dark from a stained glass ball. COME. WATCH. LISTEN.

There will be a premiere screening of my short film THE TREE WHERE DEAD PEOPLE GROW at the Whitehaus on July 9th! Making this film was a beast of a thing and I'm excited to finally be able to share it with everyone. Come, hang out, and listen to some awesome folky and meditative music.

These fine folks will be playing!!:


Spitzer Space Telescope


THE TREE WHERE DEAD PEOPLE GROW (find out more about the short and watch the trailer here:)

and maybe a special guest appearance by atomfoam!!! who knows!?

This event is open to everyone, but we are trying to raise some funds to enter it into festivals. So, any donations you can, please and thank you.

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