Monday, May 24, 2010

Preview :: The Tree Where Dead People Grow

This is a short film pasted together by the Mango Nebula itself. We made this last October and its finally seeing the light of day. There should be some screenings soon, and I'll keep the blog updated about it.

It's about a freshman in college, Sam, who is a descendant from Samuel Adams and whose father is a history buff, especially in love with the Liberty Tree. When Sam meets Arienette, a girl born in Iraq, in one of his classes, she reveals to him the truth about the Liberty Tree.

There's also going to be a soundtrack to go along with the film which I haven't quite figured out yet. Here's a list of tracks that appear in the film and may or may not be on the soundtrack:

woolgathering - Where the Dead Grow Tree People

Christians & Lions - Skinny Fists

Spitzer Space Telescope - Mynocks in the Garden

Christians & Lions - All My Dead Friends

Girlfriends - Suckin Rare Meat off the Bone China

Christians & Lions - We Fall and Get Up, We Fall and Get Up, We Fall and Get Up

Greg Mullen - Ten Thousand Years

Christians & Lions - Stay Warm

woolgathering - Melatonin

If you feel compelled to donate please do. We dropped like more than half a grand on this thing and we still need cash to put this thing into festivals. The most important thing is obviously that you check it out though. Thanks!!!

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