Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elliott Smith Zombie from Beneath the Earth - Grand Mal

Elliott Smith never wrote a bad song. There are at least 31 unreleased Elliott Smith songs that I've heard and not one of them even comes close to being anything but amazing. There's enough material for several b-sides albums.

"Grand Mal" was originally going to be the title for XO and, like Either/Or and Figure 8, the title track didn't make it onto the album. Pitchfork posted the mp3 as a groundbreaking, unearthed song and it has since been removed from any link on the site. Here, I give you the elusive "Grand Mal."

Elliott Smith - Grand Mal

It's just an acoustic and a lovely confection of sweet cake layer vocals. At the end you can hear him say, "Forget it. No, It's too fast." I'm sure Elliott tried his songs at various tempos and this version was a faster one.

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